Stearns Solar Shower

We've used the Stearns solar shower system for years and although they don't last forever (I average about 6 months for each one) I've been quite happy with them... until now. I ordered 4 showers before we left Panama to cross the Pacific. Now less then 6 months later we're down to one working one. Nine months later they all were damaged. They now leak where the exhaust attachment enters the shower.

The failure occurred in the elbow where the shower connects to the exhaust hose (see pictures at left). A second failure occurred at the weld seam for the fill area (second image at left).

I've now found a solution. Using a punch for canvas I punched out the fitting. Then I purchased a small elbow with a hose barb and a flanged end. I found and purchased a second nut for the end. On the second nut, now being the inside nut I rolled a small amount of buytl tape; about 1/8" in diameter and the fitting the circumference of the elbow. First I screwed on my second nut all the way then carefully moved the nut with the buytl on it to the fitting and screwed it down till the threads were barely exposed beyond the nut. From there I tightened the outside nut down squeezing the buytl tape flat on the inside. At first use I had a slight drip of maybe a drop a minute. After some slight tightening I now have a drip free usable Solar Shower.

Second, I've tried to email the company and find it impossible. The web site I find listed; , doesn't even come up in my browsers, and I looked up the parent company K2 - their website is: . I used their contact form to ask for some help and as of 3 weeks I've not received any response. None, nada, zip! Should I ever receive a response I'll include it here. I don't understand how companies like either one of these Sterns or K2 can stay in business. IMHO Stearns Solar Shower earns a D. I would give them an F but as there is not a plethora of competition I may need to purchase one in the future.

Grade D I will not purchase any more of these unless I find I must. They just don't last.

Grade D...

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