Dewalt 3/8" Cordless Drill - Grade F

I bought this drill on a friend's recommendation. I felt it performed ok as a hobbyist drill; however, using it seriously caused me endless aggravation. The batteries didn't last long. When the charger went bad the batteries went bad and all I received from the DeWalt repair shop was "Sorry". I was even stupid enough to buy another charger and another battery. When it started acting funny again. I wasn't getting sucked in any more and threw the entire system in the trash.

The drill had a friction clutch and I couldn't get it tight enough to hold a bit so the bit wouldn't spin. The friction settings were much too coarse and driving some screws on one setting wouldn't snug them up and on the next setting they would pull strip their threads in the wood or pull through.

Since my miserable experience with this drill and the local Dewalt shop I've avoided any further contact with their products. Dewalt Cordless Drill Grade F

Grade F...