Building from the Bottom Up

Filling in the Empty Space

Putting the insulation in was a wee bit like building with the old Log Cabin set. I put one layer down then another on the side. Some things I didn't think about as I completed this task. Years later when I redid this build I discovered my errors. First; if there was condensation anywhere between the box and the cabinetry, there was no where for the water to go. Water would simply sit or hang out in whatever space it would find. Second, I had used Vacuum Panels on three sides. That was a mistake. Maybe, just maybe for the first year to so they would be great. However to make them they had a waffle imprint. No way could I get any foam to stick to the imprint. Thus there were small channels that would be open to condensation. And yes, 13 years later when I went to remove them, the outside of the panels were wet.