Changing out Hawse Pipes

Nothing is Easy

Completing projects in my head is always easy. Reality is a different beast. I had wanted to remove the old Hawse Pipes and sell them to another Westsailor that didn't want the huge process of changing out all of them on their boat. Well, as you can see that wasn't the case. As nice as I tried to be they were mangled beyond any further use.

The new Hawsers were slightly smaller than the old. We needed to shim the holes. Bud from Westsail had sent some good cardboard shims. After cutting to the hull thickness I then soaked the shims in epoxy to seal and harden them. Next I needed to align the inside to the outside of the hull. I epoxied one in and using a square found where the edges of the Hawse would fall. I then trimmed each shim so the Hawses would match. We then measured the hose that fit around the Hawse inside the boat, cut and dry fit everything. Installed one Hawse side with the hose slipped on. Installed the other side slipping it into the hose. Finally we tightened the clamps ensuring a water tight seal. Clean up and finally we have a solid means of running lines aboard without damage.