Bronze Ports - Glass Replacement

Nice Clean Job

The two "gotchas" in this project were 1) The odd size screws and 2) the Oval cut glass.

The screws we ended up ordering from I believe McMaster-Carr and the glass ... we found a glass shop that could cut safety glass to match the size.

Removing the screws was a delicate mater. I didn't want to break any. I carefully cleaned up the female threads and reinstalled the ports with ... Silicone sealant. If Silicone holds windows on skyscrapers and glass in Aquariums together, it would seal the ports just fine. To further ensure a good seal I cleaned all the bronze mating surfaces.

After 15 years in service and countless miles under the keel I do see some eroding of the edges on the replacement glass. In the next 5 years I will want to redo this job again.