Elysium Projects

Only linked pages have any info. The non linked projects I hope to expand will appear at a later date. A couple of before and after purchse pictures to wet your whistle! Reaching back I've also included Elysium's delivery, first launch, and the second shakedown.

Interior Exterior
  • Air Conditioning (blog) (website)
  • Batteries (blog) (website)
  • Berths (blog) (website)
  • Cabin Sole (blog) (website)
  • Electrical A/C (blog) (website)
  • Generator (blog) (website)
  • Heads (blog) (website)
  • Heater (blog) (website)
  • Insulation (blog) (website)
  • Kubota (blog) (website)
  • Perkins (blog) (website)
  • Refrigeration (blog) (website)
  • Varnish Interior(blog) (website)
  • Watermaker (blog) (website)
  • Anchoring (blog) (website)
  • Arch (blog) (website)
  • Awnings (blog) (website)
  • Cockpit (blog) (website)
  • Drive Train (blog) (website)
  • Deck (blog) (website)
  • Hawse Pipes (blog) (website)
  • Paint Topsides (blog) (website)
  • Paint Bottom (blog) (website)
  • Ports (blog) (website)
  • Sails (blog) (website)
  • Stack Pack (blog) (website)
  • Varnish (blog) (website)


If anyone ever tells how simply relaxing the cruiser lifestyle is; just remember, we all have our fantasies.

We average 20 hours / week working on the boat. When in port possibly more. Doing major projects, definitely more. Out at lovely anchorage, much less.

Our boat is our home and also protects us. We take care of it to keep us safe and comfortable. A boat left alone falls apart. When we left our boat in Fiji for 6 months it took a good two-3 weeks to ready it to live on. Same when we left it in Panama to land travel. Engine need to be taken care of, moving parts need lubrication and somehow things seem to break when not in use. Maybe Neptune has a devious plan. :)